Beethoven Plus for University Music Students

Krysia Osostowicz and Daniel Tong are keen to share their experience of the Beethoven Plus project with music students, especially those focusing on composition, either as a one-off event or in a series of three visits.

In a one-day visit, Krysia and Daniel can offer the following:

  • A recital of Beethoven sonatas with companion pieces
  • A workshop in which Krysia and Daniel demonstrate three of the new companion pieces to Beethoven’s sonatas.  Although each composer has taken a specific Beethoven Sonata as his/her starting point, the companion pieces are remarkably varied in style and concept, which will give rise to a lively discussion of compositional techniques and different approaches to this challenging music.
  • A masterclass in which students can hear each other perform and be coached on any of Beethoven’s sonatas, with the emphasis on how to understand and  interpret this particular repertoire.

If the project is extended to three visits, Krysia and Daniel can offer:

  • The complete cycle of Beethoven Sonatas with companion pieces, in three or four recitals
  • Workshops as above, covering all the ten new companion pieces
  • Three workshops with young composers – in collaboration with their teachers – in which they are encouraged to compose their own response to a Beethoven sonata. These student compositions can be tried out by Krysia and Daniel, developed in the course of the three visits, and finally performed.
  • Beethoven Masterclasses as above
  • Extra optional chamber music coaching (not necessarily restricted to Beethoven’s music)