Peter Ash

Peter Ash

“The whimsical humour of sonata no.2 inspired me to approach American composer Peter Ash, the writing of whose comic opera “The Golden Ticket” I had witnessed from the first sketches through to its  performance at the Wexford Festival.” Krysia Osostowitz

Programme note:

Peter Ash – A Major Chase (companion to Beethoven sonata no. 2 in A)

“What do we know about Beethoven’s sense of humour? In his private life, apparently he could be coarse and a bit crude. In his music, his humour assumes many forms, ranging from what I call ‘the gods laughing’ to a more down-to earth merriment which he described as “aufgeknöpft” or unbuttoned. This unbuttoned humour was my starting point in a musical response to the Sonata in A Major, Opus 12 No. 2.   Beyond that, I enjoyed emulating the great man by including simple rhetorical gestures, extremes of register, silence and even a little fugato. I thought of a scenario with two or even three characters in a game of tag – perhaps Bartók meets Tom and Jerry.” Peter  Ash

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