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“Jeremy Thurlow immediately recalled a favourite passage from sonata no.8, known as the “Champagne” sonata, which would form a starting-point for his piece.” Krysia Osostowitz

Programme Note:

Jeremy Thurlow – Mehlschöberl

 (companion to Beethoven sonata no 8 in G)

This piece was written for Krysia Osostowicz’s Beethoven Plus project, as a companion to Beethoven’s eighth violin sonata, the delightful op. 30 no. 3 in G major, a piece whose effervescent energy once earned it the nickname ‘Champagne’.   The name for my piece comes from a letter of Beethoven’s to a friend, written just a couple of years before the sonata, which he signs off ‘A kiss from your Beethoven, also known as Mehlschöberl’ – which is a kind of light Viennese pancake or soufflé, eaten with beef broth.  It seemed to me (more than Champagne) to be a perfectly Beethovenish token of teasing lightness and fun (with a hint of meatiness too).  The eighth sonata is a special favourite of mine for its endlessly cheeky, inventive, subvertive energy and charm. There’s a particular spot about a minute and a half into the first movement with a strange, devilish texture, twisting quick and sharp but also dark and momentarily sinister. Whenever I hear or play this bit I always feel that it’s Beethoven at the piano – in a cheeky mood, but with a strange undercurrent.  Jeremy Thurlow

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