Huw Watkins

Huw Watkins - Credit: Hanya Chlala

Schott Music Ltd

“When by chance we heard Huw Watkins’ new string quartet, with its lyrical chordal structure and rippling textures, we knew we had found the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle.” Krysia Osostowitz

Programme Note:

Huw Watkins – Spring (companion to Beethoven sonata no 5 in F, “Spring”)

“I’m delighted to write a piece inspired by Beethoven’s Spring sonata. I’m a pianist as well as a composer, and the ten Beethoven violin sonatas are pieces I’ve read through and performed with many different violinists countless times. The Spring is perhaps the most famous of all, so it will be a particular challenge to find a way off it to spark the creation of a new, but somehow related piece.”

“Spring, for violin and piano, is intended as a five minute long introduction to Beethoven’s F major violin sonata. It is a reflective piece, taking the distinctive piano figuration from the “Spring” sonata, and treating it in a rather un-Beethovenian way.” Huw Watkins

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