Krysia Osostowicz and Jeremy Thurlow on BBC Radio 3


Krysia Osostowicz and Jeremy Thurlow – one of the ten composers involved in Beethoven Plus – are absolutely delighted to be appearing on BBC Radio 3’s “In Tune” this coming Monday, 12th October. They will be chatting to Sean Rafferty at 4.30pm, and will be joined by pianist Edward Lidall who is standing in for Daniel Tong.

Krysia will give a live performance of one of Jeremy’s compositions for solo violin, “In a Quiet Room”,  whilst saving the world première of his Beethoven Plus commission – ‘Mehlschöberl’ (the composer’s response to Beethoven’s Violin Sonata in G, Op. 30 No. 3)  – for Kings Place on Friday 16th October. Click here for tickets.

Krysia will also perform the Finale of Beethoven’s Violin Sonata in E flat major, op.12, no.3, which she and Daniel Tong will perform in its entirety at Kings Place on Thursday 15th October. So anyone who is next to a radio or at a computer on Monday between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm,  be sure to “Tune In”!

Also don’t forget that Jeremy Thurlow’s ‘Mehlschöberl’ will be premiered as part of the Beethoven Plus series at King’s Place next week – concert details are here.

Above all, Beethoven Plus is a celebration – indeed, a veritable feast – of Beethoven’s chamber music and is a must for all lovers of Beethoven’s music. We hope you enjoy the programme on Radio 3, and please do join us at Kings Place next week!