Beethoven Plus full cycle in Aberdeen plus tour


After the huge success of the Beethoven Plus cycle at King’s Place earlier this month, which Paul Driver praised in his review for The Sunday Times, Krysia and Daniel are close to completing their Scotland Tour. The duo have spent the last 7 days  in Aberdeen, where they have been performing the full cycle in different venues across the city. With ten companion pieces, to be performed alongside the Beethoven Sonatas which inspired them, Krysia and Daniel have been very busy but are also enjoying their tour enormously.

The Duo was being presented by Aberdeen Performing Arts, Lunchbreak Concerts at Cowdray Hall, Sound Festival 2015 and Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts. Continue reading

“Some journey!” Krysia and Daniel on their recent concerts at Kings Place


We are in a state of pleasant exhaustion after an exhilarating three days at Kings Place that completed our festival there. The final concert – Beethoven’s op 95 (‘Serioso’ quartet), 96 and 97 (‘Archduke’ trio) alongside David Matthews’s new Sonatina – provided transcendent music to round off an incredibly rewarding event. Many thanks to Christoph Richter and the Dante Quartet for collaborating with us. Continue reading