Beethoven Plus full cycle in Aberdeen plus tour


After the huge success of the Beethoven Plus cycle at King’s Place earlier this month, which Paul Driver praised in his review for The Sunday Times, Krysia and Daniel are close to completing their Scotland Tour. The duo have spent the last 7 days  in Aberdeen, where they have been performing the full cycle in different venues across the city. With ten companion pieces, to be performed alongside the Beethoven Sonatas which inspired them, Krysia and Daniel have been very busy but are also enjoying their tour enormously.

The Duo was being presented by Aberdeen Performing Arts, Lunchbreak Concerts at Cowdray Hall, Sound Festival 2015 and Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts. They opened the cycle at The Music Hall, right in the heart of the city, with Jonathan Dove’s ‘Ludwig Games’ which The York Press said,”really caught the imagination” after Beethoven Plus’s performance at York University last month. The second concert was met with fierce enthusiasm from Alan Cooper “Krysia was on fire with her most vehement and exciting playing while Daniel was equally fast and fluent”. They were then welcomed by the Sound Festival:

The cycle had its grand finale on Monday evening, for Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts, however this by no means marks the end of time in Scotland. Krysia and Daniel  were at St Andrews yesterday where they happened across this happy coincidence!

They were in St. Andrews to give a workshop with young pupils, who had been writing their own responses but this time to “Ode to Joy”. The pupils were then able to showcase their work in the form of a mini concert! The duo’s final day in Scotland is being spent with the Strathearn Music Society in Crieff where they will perform just three tenths of the full cycle, but they are as always excited to share any of Beethoven’s work or work that was inspired directly by him to a new audience.