Aberdeen Cycle Concert 2 – Both players gave fantastic performances

Thursday, 05 November 2015  

If there had been a Sound Festival in Beethoven’s day, his music would surely have been included in its programming because so much that he composed was radically new at the time. The op. 47 sonata – known as the “Kreutzer” – was so revolutionary that its dedicatee, the great violinist Rodolphe Kreutzer, never performed it, calling it “unplayable and incomprehensible”. The sonata opens with the violin alone, answered by the piano. This sense of question and response continues throughout the work, often erupting into furious musical argument between the two instruments. Both players gave fantastic performances: Krysia was on fire with her most vehement and exciting playing while Daniel was equally fast and fluent, adding the necessary lightness and buoyancy to the texture. The new companion piece by Matthew Taylor (b. 1964)  titled Tarantella Furiosa, was clearly inspired by Beethoven’s finale: a splendidly exciting work with a modernist twist and a marvellous spicing of good humour.